Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures

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Emerging Technologies, Trajectories and Implications of Next Generation Innovation Systems Development in China and Russia

Project details

Discipline: Management and Business Studies
Funded Period: 15 September 2012 – 14 September 2016
Rising powers: China, Russia


This project addresses research, management and policy issues related to advanced technological development in driving the growth of Rising Powers, with a focus on nanotechnology in China and Russia and associated issues of institutional development, governance and global impact.

Three key research questions underpin the project:

  • Can breakthrough technologies be used to build or rebuild globally-competitive and high value national and regional innovation systems in China and Russia?
  • Can institutional, anticipatory, and governance systems adapt to address equity, responsibility and sustainability issues as breakthrough technologies are developed?
  • What are the implications of efforts by these Rising Powers to establish leading positions in breakthrough technologies from the view of the UK and other developed and developing countries?

The project is implemented in partnership with the Beijing Institute of Technology (China) and the National Research University-Higher School of Economics (Russia) in conjunction with the Manchester-Atlanta-Beijing Innovation Co-Lab. The Georgia Tech Program in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, US) is an associated partner.

The project will undertake bibliometric, fieldwork, and scenario analyses. An advisory board from science, business and policy will provide counsel. Outputs will include research publications, doctoral training, and workshops.

Project team

Principal Investigator

Philip Shapira, Manchester Business School (pshapira@mbs.ac.uk).

Other members of the core team

Alan Harding, University of Liverpool – Co-Investigator (Alan.Harding@liverpool.ac.uk)
Ian Miles, Manchester Business School – Co-Investigator (ian.miles@mbs.ac.uk)

Researchers: Abdullah Gök; Marianne Sensier, Yanchao Li
Doctoral Students: Maria Karaulova; Oliver Shackleton; Alec Waterworth


Principal Investigator Professor Philip Shapira discusses the project 'Emerging Technologies, Trajectories and Implications of Next Generation Innovation Systems Development in China and Russia'.

Interview with Dr Simone Corsi, Programme Manager, Lancaster China Catalyst Programme. Dr Corsi is speaking about reverse innovation in China after a seminar organized by our project at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.